HELO THER I AM ALON1! HERE is some universe i wanted 2 make since the old board. its called: batman BEYOND BATMAN BEYOND batman

Its about what hapenes after what happened in the tv show batman beyond(Including the episode epiloge in JLU):

first ill show the microes : MY batman of BEYOND BATMAN BEYOND

MY superman

okay now the story!

this story happens 30 years after the jlu episode epilouge. In this time Terry Mcginus has meried and had a boy who he named after his father. That kid was robin and when he grew up became batman. bruce wayne died saving the world from the joker who returned again. mcginus's son got maried to and had a son who became the next robin.

Thats the story until now more coming soon.....

Oh and here is the mcginus's grandson the new Robin:robin:

red skull into atomic skull!!!!!



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