These are a couple of the micros I've done.

And these are Cassie(Wonder Girl), Me and Greta(Secret)

Lain and Lian, who are twins I made for a story in YJUTT

The Sisters, no real story for them, but their dresses are pretty!! And they took a fair while to make.

And these are from YJUTT aswell, it's Cassie and Will aka Harm (Will was made by Marx)

I really dont know how this one came about, it just kinda turned into this though. I might redo it one day...

I like to think she's some kind of assassin. Although the outfit would not be very practical...

St Patricks Day Greta

A kinda Jean Gray micro, you know in the trailer for X3 when she blows the Xdoors, I think she's wearing a silver dress...?? But her hair is kinda pigtailed/in front of kinda works.

Matches the Greta hero, what the Jean Grey spawned from ironically.

My net is down again, sucks to live under NTL's wings I know... But i did have the time to make the third one of whatever this is. Its the kinda me version. And here is all three.

guys i made for a fanfic that i was going to write about Geneartion - X.

Freon: can create severe cold and ice, he can shape it into many different forms.

Radio: he can convert himself into any type of energy wave and travel great distances as well as disrupt any form of communications device.

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