OK ill try to get started and what better place to start then with a micro of myself 

well i was looking at Ultimates 2 #4, at the other captians, i plan on makeing the rest of them, heres the first one. GIven the colors of her outfit i assumed that she represents Greece so yeah here she is


Hey i know its been a while but i have my reasons , waiting for my own computer cause this one is old and the moniter is screw and my step dad wont buy a new one but any way here are the Buzz Boys they are from an issue of What If in which Proffessor X became juggernaut any way here they are : L to R Corona "Red Devil" Topper, Bubbles, and "Bouncer"


hey im sorry but things have been crazy in my life latly ill post the redo of my last micro later but heres something i just finished Lifter, Burner, Slither. Mist Mistress reimaged by me

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